Challenging gender stereotypes for better health and well-being

“Sharing experiences is really powerful. It just gets you through.”

“Excellent discussion topics, very thought provoking”

“It makes you realise we are not alone”

In 2017 the #MeToo campaign showed how a conversation about gender could have the power to change attitudes, change policy and change lives. Humans Being is starting a new conversation about gender and mental health that we hope will change the way we approach well-being and recovery.

We go into colleges, workplaces and community organisations to run workshops and courses where people can look at the influence of gender stereotypes and the pressures they feel to behave in certain ways. This gives them a chance to think again about who they really are as human beings, what they really value and the changes they would like to make. We provide tools that can help them achieve these changes – tried and tested methods from coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and assertiveness training.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation based in Leeds, UK.


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